Customer Testimonials

Master Vocal Coach
Jessica Ford

I just want to tell you what a blessing you are and to tell you how much I appreciate you being in my daughters life. I couldnt have asked for a better role model, christian, and most of all an awesome vocal teacher for my daughter. I thank God everyday that you are in mine and especially Tristans life to help keep us grounded and also know what a how a true christian is supposed to carry theirselves. Thank you for all you do and we love you soo much.

Thanks Amy and Tristan McIntosh's Mom
I have met Jessica last year through my worship leader. She is one of the amazing person, friend and vocal teacher. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to grow in singing and learn technique and more.

Sarah Fard Ministries, Singer, Worship Leader and TV Show Host
Jessica Ford has been my daughters singing coach sing she was 12 years old. Christina will be 20 years old this year and she and Jessica are still partners in music. Jessica is what I would call "the voice whisperer". Jessica can listen to you sing and not only know whether the note was right, but she can tell what your throat, vocal cords, tongue and everygthing else was doing when you git that note the way you did. Jessica truly understnads the instrument called "voice". She is also well vers, experienced, and connected in the music industry. She has taken my daughters raw talent and helped it turture, mature it, and polish it to a professional level. If you work with Jessica she is going to push you and challenge you to rise to a professional level... she is not a high school music teacher... Jessica is a PRO, has high standards, and she will drive her clients to professional levels.

Christina Jones Mom, Natalie Jones
I am really excited for this next season of life! I've been praying and thinking a lot about the fugture and what I want to do and God sent me an angel named Jessica Ford who has been on of my greatest supports during the hardest time of my life. She grabbed me and said, Ryan you will sing. Your voice will be heard and she got things in motion. Seriously the best Vocal Coach EVER! Always challenging me to be my best!

                    Ryan Hammond
Jessica this is Dylan Flynn and I'm feeling a moment of intense appreciation for all you taught me about singing! I just finished singing notes in my head voice and singing smooth notes up there was unimaginable years ago. 
I'm sitting here playing and singing and seeing how far I've come and how far I plan to go is just very rewarding, and in terms of vocal abilities I owe them all to you!

You gave me the tools and instruction of what to put the hours into. 

I hope to one day continue lessons or at least pop in and say hello if I find myself on the west coast. I hope all is amazing with you!