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Voice Lessons

Worship Leaders

Voice Lessons


Jessica's students have the opportunity to encounter world-class leadership and mentorship to help them develop their unique gifts and passion for Christ in worship in order to maximize their effectiveness for the Kingdom. Worship leaders, Praise Teams and Choirs learn the skills required to effectively serve in worship ministry as a soloist or group.

Students will grow in leadership skills at their Church or in the Campbell Studio as well as be linked up with seasoned worship leaders for encouragement and community.  Currently Jessica coaches Worship Leaders at Venture Church, PCC-Redwood City and Menlo Church and HillsongLA.

Jessica has had 5 students on American Idol, Including Tristan McIntosh top 6 and Christina Jones top 40. She's had 2 on America's Got Talent and 1 on The Voice. She has a proven track record of helping her clients meet their goals including her Celebrity clients. Jessica Ford: Master Vocal Coach and creator of  "The Ford Technique" with private coaching for local singers, recording artists, groups and bands in her South Bay Studio or via Skype, teaching all Commercial Genres of popular music. 

Jessica also travels to teach in local Churches, coaching Worship Leaders, Praise Teams and Choirs alike. 

All her students have the opportunity to receive her world-renowned coaching, developing their unique style and 'artist voice' in order to reach their singing goals; whether it be a career in music, to sing in church, record an album, prepare for an audition or just enjoy singing lessons.

Whether it's R&B, Pop, Country, Bluegrass, Dance, EDM, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Southern Gospel or Rock music Jessica can teach you how to craft a song in the style and genre you love. If you have never written a song before or you have poems or half songs written on paper we will begin songwriting where you are at. 

Jessica has had a few Publishing Deals, song placement in film, video games and songs on albums recorded by other artists. She also does song critique and arrangement for the advanced singer/songwriter working on albums. 

Play an instrument, Jessica plays piano and guitar and she can coach you and your instrument into songwriting success!
  1. Tristan McIntosh
    Tristan McIntosh
    American Idol Season 15 - 2015 Top 6!
  2. Christina Jones
    Christina Jones
    American Idol Season 1 - 2018 Top 40!
  3. House Whiskey
    House Whiskey
    Nashville, TN
  4. Christina Jones
    Christina Jones
    American Idol Season 2018
  5. The Singing Studio Clients
    The Singing Studio Clients
  6. The Singing Studio Clients
    The Singing Studio Clients

I just want to tell you what a blessing you are and to tell you how much I appreciate you being in my daughters life. I couldnt have asked for a better role model, christian, and most of all an awesome vocal teacher for my daughter. I thank God everyday that you are in mine and especially Tristans life to help keep us grounded and also know what a how a true christian is supposed to carry theirselves. Thank you for all you do and we love you soo much.

Thanks Amy and Tristan
Jimmy Charles
Jimmy was Jessica's 1st client to be on American Idol

Jessica Ford is as good as it gets!!!
~Tom Drennon ~ 
Drummer for Daryl Worly