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Thanks for making her dreams come true little by little since she was 9 years old. You have been behind her and your hard work has payed off. We are blessed to have you in her life. Thanks sooo much to the most amazing Vocal Coach!

Amy McIntosh (Mom)
Tristan McIntosh
American Idol Season 15 Top 6

5 students on American Idol, 2 on America's Got Talent and 1 on The Voice, Jessica has a proven track record of helping her clients meet their goals. Jessica Ford: Master Vocal Coach and creator of  "The Ford Technique" with private coaching for local singers, recording artists, groups and bands in her South Bay Studio or via Skype, teaching all Commercial Genres of popular music. 

Jessica also travels to teach in local Churches, coaching Worship Leaders, Praise Teams and Choirs alike. 

All her students have the opportunity to receive her world-renowned coaching, developing their unique style and 'artist voice' in order to reach their singing goals; whether it be a career in music, to sing in church or record an album. 
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Nashville's House Whiskey
Today, I brought up old time ballad singing in a voice lesson in a serious way for the first time. I have never really worked on this music in the way that I would work on a modern song because of a long history of shame and fear; music teachers and friends alike have rarely appreciated this style of music and often embarrassed me in their reactions, so I have been scared to share it because it is important to me.
My AMAZING voice coach is excited to work with me on music that is so dear to my heart and so different from modern music, and she even laughed at me for not bringing it up before! I am so lucky to have her, and I cannot wait to dive further into my voice with some new (but very old) inspiration.

Eleanor Chen
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Christina Jones
Venture Church Los Gatos
Tatiana "Menlo Church"
Jessica Ford has been my daughter's singing coach for almost seven (7) years. My daughter started with Jessica when she was 12, I believe, after she had entered Jessica's "Sing-Off Competition" in Nashville, TN. When my daughter, Christina, met her they hit-it-off right away.

I was skeptical about getting a singing coach for my daughter at such a young age, but I knew Christina had something special. I met with Jessica, and after an assessment with Christina, they began their journey together. Jessica started slowly with the basics and gradually progressed with Christina as fast as Christina could pick up the lessons. Christina will be 19 yrs old this year, and she and Jessica are still partners in voice and music.

Jessica is what I would call, and I've seen another one of her client's call her the "Voice Whisperer." Jessica can listen to you sing and not only know whether the note was right, but she can tell what your throat, vocal cords, tongue, and everything else was doing when you hit that note the way you did. Jessica truly understands the instrument called "voice." She is also well verse, experienced, and connected in the music industry. She has taken my daughter's very raw talent and helped to nurture it, mature it, and polish it to a professional level. If you work with Jessica she is going to push you and challenge you to rise to a professional level... she is not a high school music teacher... Jessica is a pro, has high standards, and she will drive her clients to professional levels too.

Jessica is also one of the most professional business women I've met. There are no surprises with Jessica, and as a business woman myself I really appreciate that. I've always know what I was getting in vocal coaching services from her, and she also made sure I understood what was expected of Christina and me (Mom.) Our relationship is have turned into a very strong one and I rely on Jessica for all things music when it comes to my daughter, Christina.

Jessica is also just good people! There have been occasions where we needed advice when my daughter started getting move advanced as a singer and started getting into other competitions and high profile performance opportunities. Jessica would advise, counsel, and if she knows, she would share inside secrets to help Christina to position herself for the greatest success possible.

I love Jessica like a family member now. Christina loves Jessica so much. You will get more than just vocal coaching from her. You'll get a mentor, a counselor, a teacher, an encourager, a supporter, and vocal ability you never thought you had.